Madonna: The 51st Celebration

Trying to talk about Madonna in a few paragraphs is as insane as trying to put toothpaste back in its tube… There’s just not enough space!

She is an incredible woman. She is THE most influential artist today and has been since her first self-titled album back in 1983, a title she shared with Michael Jackson (R.I.P) and The Beatles. She proved that it doesn’t matter what life gives you or throws in your face, one can still overcome all obstacles and shine.


Madonna has influenced music, fashionpoliticsreligionsex, women, men, girls and boys. She’s the reason there’s Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. She’s a muse to many, to Jean-Paul GaultierGianni Versace and Marc Jacobs. She’s a musicianauthoractress, director, producer, trend-setter, dancerartistphilanthropisthumanitarian, feminist, activist … and icon.



And today she proved to the world that you can still be great, active, influential and fantabulous at 51 years.In September she will be releasing “Celebration”, a 2 disk compilation celebrating her influence, also featuring the already hit single “Celebration” produced by Paul Oakenfold. Madonna is Pop Luxury.


SQUA.RE would like to wish Madonna a great happy birthday…

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