Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Mayfair: Cutting-Edge Contemporary Design-Art at its Best

As I hope you had a chance to see in our film, the highlight of the recent Pavilion of Art and Design was certainly the truly avant garde design of Carpenters Workshop Gallery. If not, check it out and I promise you will be compelled by the gallery’s groundbreaking design-art pieces.

Helmed by the duo of young French entrepreneurs Julien Lombrail and Loïc Le Gaillard, the gallery changed the rules of the art world through its founding team’s intuitive talent, taste and audacity. Conscious of the need to breakthrough rapidly in a market with high entry barriers, the duo opted for a controversial route for a gallery, but most rewarding, as Le Gaillard says it himself: “We decided we would produce 100% of what we sell. We would have control over the manufacturing. This makes us much more money and is far more interesting”.

Furniture II - Atelier Van Lieshout

Indeed it is interesting, as through the interaction with designers and artists, the gallery can deliver exactly what the clients desire, at the right place (they go around the world to key design events) and at the right time and as clients include notably Brad Pitt, Tom Ford, Jean-Paul Gautier, Roman Abramovich and Lakshmi Mittal.

Ron Arad

While cutting-edge innovation usually comes from niche players in the East of London, Carpenters Workshop are front and center in Mayfair and started in a carpenter’s workshop in Chelsea 5 years ago, hence the name. Both partners have a legacy in art: Julien is the son of the designer and artist Ingrid Donat and Loic was brought up within the white walls of his father’s gallery in Paris. However, they make a point of mentioning they do not possess any formal design education and that their only rule is to sell pieces they would place in their own homes.


Brad Pitt has quickly become a regular client and the first piece he bought was the Cindarella Table below by Demakersvan. Made of marble, it has the profile of an 18th century commode while the rest of it is minimal and of rounded shape (see our film for a full view).

DEMAKERSVAN - Cinderella Table (marble)

The cutting-edge table was bought by Pitt for $150,000, an event which certainly contributed to the gallery’s growth but this was the first of many as the actor for example bought the €95,000 Mini-Capsule Hotel the next year. Part of a huge series by Atelier van Lieshout, the giant hutch with mattresses, blankets and nightlights can fit 12 people and moved straight from the fair to the beach near Pitt’s Santa Monica home.

Brad Pitt & Mini-Capsule Hotel

The gallery presents a large series of established artists such as Marc Quinn, Atelier van Lieshout, Ron Arad, Wendell Castle, Maarten Baas, Ingrid Donat and encourages the talent of an up-and-coming generation: Sebastian Brajkovic, Robert Stadler, Pablo Reinoso, Demakersvan, Xavier Lust, Vincent Dubourg and Mathieu Lehanneur.

KUENZEL - Caution! This is Rodeo

A new benchmark in design-art as we love it at SQUA.RE is born, and we look forward to following and sharing what Carpenters Workshop Gallery is planning to offer in the future, as creatively speaking, it is a constant pleasure to the eyes, and so it should be through undoubtedly its many future successes to come.

REINOSO - Spaghetti Bale

AVL - Fertility Lamp

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