Lady Dior and David Lynch Unveil the Shanghai Incarnation

The Lady Dior Trilogy officially enters its third chapter today (May 15th) around 11PM CET/5PM EST when David Lynch’s short film will be unveiled on the website. The short film follows a 6-minute teaser clip that was released a few weeks ago, where Marion Cotillard, dressed in black, recites a poem penned by David Lynch, and dances with her blue Lady Dior bag. The clip also features black-and-white snippets from old Christian Dior shows.

The third chapter, Lady Blue, based in Shanghai, follows on the heels of the two earlier chapters, Lady Noire in Paris and Lady Rouge in New York. The Lady Noire theme featured an avant garde black-and-white film, The Lady Noire Affair, directed by Olivier Dahan (La Vie en Rose). Lady Rouge performed a song with rock band Franz Ferdinand, titled The Eyes of Mars; the music video was directed by Grammy winner Jonas Akerlund.

Lady Blue Shanghai features a campaign shot on location in Shanghai by the well-known New York-based fashion photographer Steve Klein. The film is directed by David Lynch, and also involves the inspirations and talents of Dior creative director John Galliano. Building anticipation for the release of the film, the Lady Dior website has been displaying a countdown by the hours.

The American director, Lynch, known for films such as Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive (not your typical Hollywood blockbusters) is not a complete stranger to the fashion industry. He has previously worked on commercials for well-known perfumes such as Gucci by Gucci, Obsession by Calvin Klein and Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. He has also worked with Christian Louboutin on a photo exhibit entitled “Fetish,” which opened to rave reviews during Paris Fashion Week in 2007. The photo series featured a series of models gracefully sporting sets of heels that were sculpturally magnificent but practically unwearable. John Galliano has said that David Lynch was chosen because he had the right mix, “the style, the mystery, the suspense.”

The Lady Blue film is a 12-minute clip featuring Marion Cotillard, a Shanghai hotel corridor, and the blue Lady Dior bag, which contains a blue rose that triggers memories of a lost love with whom she shared kisses near the city’s Pearl Tower. The film will contain many elements typical of Lynch films.

It is a breath of fresh air when brands such as Dior opt to mix art into their communications as opposed to most whose marketing messages are purely commercial.

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