Cannes Chivalry Alert: Day 3, "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps"

The Chivalry alerts are daily reports from Cannes with Chivas, Official Partner of the Cannes Film Festival. Each alert gives you an exclusive, insider’s view of the most chivalrous moment witnessed by Olivier Bassil each day at the Festival.

A much-awaited evening at the festival this year has been the premiere of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps by Oliver Stone, the follow-up to the American classic Wall Street (1987).

As the film came to an end, a standing ovation from the audience quickly followed. Sitting in the front row, the cast’s leading actors embraced, clearly moved by the warm response from the crowd. From the sidelines, TV crews filmed the emotional moment, focusing the spotlight first on charismatic icons Michael Douglas, Oliver Stone and Josh Brolin, and then on the young star Shia LaBeouf. The leading actor, however, directed the camera crews away from himself and towards his co-star and girlfriend Carey Mulligan standing behind him (the couple met on-set during filming). The stunning Carey modestly stepped forward and waved to the crowds, touched by Shia’s gallant gesture.

For Director Oliver Stone, the film itself was an opportunity to bring values and integrity back to Cannes, through a moral tale about the excesses and extremes of the financial world – a chance to revise the protagonist Gordon Gekko’s famous motto, “greed is good”, and put forward a more generous vision of the corporate world.

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