John Galliano Spring/Summer 2011 Collection: “Maria Lani”

The runway is a theatrical stage for John Galliano, for each season he’s inspired by a muse, a woman who is like no other. For Spring/Summer 2011, the Galliano muse is Maria Lani, the French actress who convinced Henri Matisse, Fernand Léger, Giorgio di Chirico, Marc Chagall and Jean Cocteau to paint portraits of her, for the promise that she will showcase them in her upcoming film. Soon after, she sold every painting and fled to the US, for the entire time the film she promised was bogus. The splendor of this collection is how John Galliano translated the unique Maria Lani portraits by these iconic artists into fabulous clothes, there were cardigans, wide-leg trousers, ruffled jackets, floral appliqué, embroidery and sheer organza, in gorgeous pinks and blues. All of this took place at the Opéra Comique in Paris; a exceptionally great location for an exceptionally great collection.

Click below to watch backstage footage and a preiview of the theatrical fashion show at Opéra Comique.

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