Akris Spring/Summer 2011: "Clean-cut Asymmetry"

The well-established sophisticate’s go-to label has been described by the Financial Times as, “the most successful label you’ve never heard of.” Indeed, this is part of the appeal of Swiss house Akris to its exec-elite women patrons. Designer Albert Kreimler introduced a little edge into this season’s collection, while maintaining the minimalist tone the brand is well-known for. Most pieces in the collection (whether solid or patterned) bore some type of asymmetry: whether at the hemlines of skirts and dresses, at the collars and necklines or in the one-sided punctuations of color. Although many found the Walter Steiger wedges awkward, I personally found them quite fitting in terms of shape as well as colors. The fact that adventurous, blue-blooded style icon Daphne Guinness is the spokesperson and model for the power set’s preferred secret label could be a sign of its turn towards a subtly edgy, new direction.


Images courtesy of Style.com

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