Yann Dumoget: Anachronistic Mercury

“When I left France in September 2008 for a world tour, I had no precise itinary. Two years of random traveling in accordance with the rules I had set myself. The direction I took depended on chance encounters. I relied on people I became friends with to give me my next step –the address of a friend or a relation of theirs whom I would visit to deliver more than news but all the messages I had gleaned during my journey to them. I wondered if at the time of globalization I could relocate… Being a “citizen of the world”. I realized that globalization facilitates the travel of goods over the travel of humans.” A few thousand years after Ulysse, Yann Dumoget is a fantastic adventurer… This must have been fantastic. Was it? What remains of the trip ultimately? Visas, exchange slips, consular letters… A triumph of bureaucracy.

“Ailleurs”, Espace culturel Louis Vuitton, Paris.

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