SQUA.RE Young Talents: Yaz Bukey

She is super talented, she is Turkish, she is fun, and she is the toast of the town- from London to Paris, from Istanbul to Miami. Meet Miss Yaz Bukey, new queen of accessories !

What’s your name ?

Yaz Bukey

How old are you ?


What do you do ?

Designer Accessories (all kind !)

Where do you live ?


Would you say where you live has an impact on what you do ?

I guess yes, the fact of living in a city full of history in every corner, opens your soul to creativity, I feel the same in Istanbul.

How did you start in the business ?

After working with Margiela, Givenchy (with McQueen), Jeremy Scott, I thought I’d start my own collection, as I love objects, I naturally went into accessory design, and my motto is : anything that’s not clothing is accessory, I have lots to explore !

Who were your best teachers/ did you have a mentor ?

I think the person who taught me to canalize my creativity and find the accuracy of taste, was Marie Rucki, head of Studio Berçot, where I studied in Paris.

What made you chose to do what you do ?

I wanted to be a singer, unfortunatly it didn’t happen due to my family’s strict background (Royal family), I wanted for sure to be in a creative process, I came to fashion, after working in perfume bottle designing, i twas still not good enough for them, but I made it in a way, and today I work on my image and collections as a pop star and her fan-club !

How would you describe the style of what you create?

I am a story teller, the idea is to tell your opinion, show the mood of your day, sarcasm, give a smile on people’s face when you wear my pieces !

Is there an special inspiration for all you do, or is it a different one for each collection ?

Each collection is a new inspiration, I have a new muse each season, a new thema, I have the same creative process as I would have with a clothing line

How would you describe your own style (the way you dress and look) ?

I have a particular look for sure, The base is me: electric, punchy, strong, and I dress up this soul according my mood, and the story I want to tell that day, what feeling I want to give to people, dressing up is just a way to express yourself !

Is there a woman whose style you admire more than any other, in the past, and today ?

A lot, this dépends on the mood too, I can give names that are all opposite to each other : Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe, La Cicciolina, Edith bouvier, Cher, Schiaparelli….

Who are according to you the most inspiring feminine historical figures ?

So many, I can’t tell one, definetly strong characters !

What is feminity to you ?

High heels, Make up, body language, hair

What is your absolute dream, businesswise ?

Find a backer or a business partner, grow my business, with a concept that goes from home accessories (mirros , wall pieces, objects…), jewelry, working on limited editions, open stores, be loser to my fans

Five things you wish for right now ?

Enjoy my life and built things with my Love, continue to be the best I can with my health, find a Backer for my brand and grow it all around the world with YazbukeY private stores, Become a big reference in accessories, leave something with my work and imagination, postum, , travel around the world, be succesfull but in a healthy way !

Your five favorite places in the world, and why ?

Istanbul the crazy mix between orient and occident, Paris for history and the feeling that it’s a village, Mexico for the sun and the food, Maldives for chilling out, LA, as I’ve never been, still a place I fantasize

The five places you want to go to ?

LA, Dakkar, Bora Bora, Hong Kong, Tokyo I would love to go back there !

Five things you find beautiful, why ?

Colors, they give me joy, forest, I never go so I fantasize the smell

Your best fashion souvenir ?

Meet Mr Azzedine Alaïa.

Your worst fashion souvenir ?

I think I don’t have any…

Pick the five greatest fashion pieces ever

Anything designed by Alaïa, Vintage Lalanne jewelry pieces, A pair of YSL heels, Mugler vintage pièces, Fornasetti scarves

Who do you trust ?

My dog, and even sometimes am not sure !

Do you believe in luck ?

I think you create your luck by improving yourself Are you superstitious ? not anymore, I’m in peace with myself !

If I was a good witch, what would you ask me for ?

I want to become the new Fornasetti !

A book or DVD recommandation ? Why ?

I just look at books for images, so last one I got the GRÈS exhibition book is amazingly done.

As for DVD pretty much into “Mummy Dearest” (Faye Dunaway stunning as Joan Crawford-early 80’s movie)

What is your favorite proverb ? Why ?

Never too young, never too rich ! It’s obvious no ?


For more information, visit Yaz Bukey’s website.


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