A Day on My Plate: Athletes’ Meals

A Day on My Plate: Athletes’ Meals Monday, July 30, 2012 Amidst London’s Olympic fever creative duo Sarah Parker and Michael Bodiam graphically re-envision Olympian nutritionist Dan Bernadot’s diets for five star athletes. From the 2282-calorie diet for a 17-year-old gymnast including peanut butter and bagels to a male triathletes blueberries and chocolate milk, the nutritionist behind USA’s 1992 and 1996 gymnastic team, as well as marathoners in Athens 2004, shares the ideal eating regimes for sports stars looking to optimize their game. “Many of these athletes have such enormous energy requirements and they’re so metabolically capable you could practically throw anything down the gullet and they’d be able to burn it,” says Bernadot of the seemingly counterintuitive food choices

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