$70,000 Thonet Bike is Crafted from Bent Beech Wood

Karanvir Singh: With a challenge to take on the moderately low-tech process of steam-bending, a woodworking technique where wood strips are heated using a steam box to make it bend around a mould creating a specific shape, and then apply it to an ultra-advanced bicycle with intricate engineering, London-based architect Andy Martin has designed an extraordinary bike for furniture manufacturer Thonet. Crafted completely from bent beech wood, this fixed-gear, elegant road bicycle actually blends the Thonet’s ‘bentwood’ designs with Andy Martin’s design prowess for the use of natural light and playfulness with materials. However, we have also earlier seen some of the other class-apart wooden bikes like the one from Lagomorph design featuring titanium hardware, the Ricor’s wooden bike , the art nouveau-styled wooden bike , Michael Thompson’s SplinterBike , Renovo R4 Pursuit wooden bike, and the beautiful mahogany bikes by Sueshiro SANO .

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