Brad Pitt’s Sweet Smell In the New Chanel No. 5 Commercials

What do you think of the iconic actor fronting the eternal perfume beloved by women all over the world?  We at SQUA.RE think it’s a must to incorporate masculine sex-appeal to the scent of a woman. For us women, it is like having him breathing on the back of our neck, every time we spray the beloved fragrance ever so (or-not-so) delicately.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Chanel’s historical choices of beautiful, delicate, but heroic women in their branding, but I think that I speak for a large portion of women when I say “Finally! A little something to gaze upon and devour for our senses!” What a feast for the eyes and heart Brad Pitt brings for us in more than just the obvious.

We as a society of women are in desperate need of feeling romanced and protected. In our trade-off to achieve work-obsessed, perfectionist roles we play every day, we strip away painfully the vital life sources that being in a loving, supportive relationship brings. Thank God that Chanel is clever enough to be one-platformed-heel ahead of us, utilizing the incredibly rugged Mr. Pitt to break their prior advertising boundaries, and not to mention, our hearts.

“Oh Brad, can you come over here darling and spray some of that Chanel No. 5 just under my chin?”

Watch the video here

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