Seeking Pleasure in Perfection: 1930’s Classic Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce is the unparalleled epitome of luxury in the automotive universe, and the classic era of their models are so rare that simply catching a glimpse of one is a true feast for the soul in itself.

This Rolls has more stories to tell, and has lived a more fantastical life than that of all the James Bond movies put together. Beckoning soaring pulses from admirers in Geneva, Paris, and the United States combined, this Phantom II knows how to keep a balance of vintage charm and sparkling sophistication.

Of course, its predecessors were no fools: the originators refitted the original saloon body in the middle of the 1930’s, a move that surely boosted the Rolls-Royce’s appeal far and wide. In the 1950’s a great grandson of the ingenious Alexander III of Russia, who was the father of the doomed Tsar Nicholas II, owned the then legend-in-the-making, and filled it with a proper dosage of royal blood and heritage. Now Binder of Paris has captured this art-deco infused killer.

Studying this regal bloodline of the classic Phantom II, we see in 2003, after making a grandiose entrance back to Europe, the car mightily overtook the ‘Best in Show’ honor during the eminent Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. Adding to its library of distinguished notorieties, owners Frank Dale and Stepsons are referring to it as one of the most exquisite embodiments of a pre-war Rolls-Royce ever to be discovered.

We at SQUA.RE are in a dreamingly, unanimous agreement. Rolls-Royce, we love you.

Please visit here for more information on this stunning Rolls-Royce Phantom II classic.

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