Lucky 13: The Best Hair and Makeup Trends This Fall

The number 13 is synonymous with bad luck, however, with glamorous parties swooning right around the corner, we at SQUA.RE are seeing these digits in a whole new splendor! Countdown 13 of our picks of the coolest fall hair, eye and lip trends that will have you the envious bell of the ball!


#1 Big, Blunt, Bold Bangs = Confidence, Chic, Class that you can wear with anything!

#2 Bouffants. We have a hairstyle so vintage, it dates all the way back to Marie Antoinette. Moschino, Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera among many other designers sported masterpiece bouffants on their F/W 2012 runways, and there are many ways you can apply the technique at home.

#3 The Deep Side Part is a hit for any time of the year. Not only does it scream sophistication, but it is a cinch to apply. Looking luxurious shouldn’t always have to take forever and a day honey.

#4 Hair Ornaments, Buns and Braids are trends signifying the creativity of childhood, with a sexy, grownup twist. From the simple to the stylist needed, there’s something for everyone here.

#5 The biggest hair color trend this Fall 2012? Rich, chocolate brunettes! Gorgeous Patricia van der Vliet headed the front of the chestnut line when she chopped off her signature blonde locks and dyed them a true mahogany color.

Eva Mendez and Jessica Biel are two engaging beauties that shine in their natural hues.

#6 Blondes do have loads of fun at the party, don’t they? However, it is important to remember to visit your hair colorist to update your tint of blonde. For example, summery blondes are updated in the fall to icy, frosty blondes, and those highlights are now transformed to creamy white ones. Don’t be afraid, change is a very good thing darling!

#7 Ravishing Red Superstar Rihanna is showing off two of our style marker secrets: the fiery red hair and a chunky, fearless braid!


#8 Cat Eyes. If this doesn’t just scream a woman who knows what she wants, nothing does! The cat eye trick brings full attention to the ojos, and in a spit second you will have everyone purring with affection for you.

#9 Jewel-Toned Lids. Eyelids that sparkle and bedazzle like billion dollar jewels are all the rage right now. While it may seem peculiar to pull off, it is really just child’s play at home before the big night out!

#10. Electrifyingly Blue Lashes! Remember how fashionable these were in the 80’s? Yes, darling, they are BACK with a vengeance! For a modern and flattering flare, tone down the rest of the face. These lashes WILL speak for themselves.


#11. Nude Lips are making a strong statement this season. Play up or dress down your colors with this silent but deadly shade.

#12. Lady in Red Styles change every time we turn around, but one image has stood the test of time. Classic red on lips has been known to stop traffic (and probably cause a few accidents), break many a hearts, and inspire a few songs along the way. Chris de Burgh anyone?

Lucky #13. Deep, Purple Lips Do not be afraid! Now we understand that memories of teenage years and those horrible, funky purplish lipstick crayons might pop into your heads first thing but you can rejoice! Those days of horror are long gone because all of the best brands are producing the most incredible eggplants we at SQUA.RE have ever laid our cat eyes on!

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