Spotlight: M2 by Mary Margrill

We at SQUA.RE love to spotlight interesting designers that electrify our senses and make us say, “I’ll take the whole line, please!”. Recently the chic and spiritually-infused M2 jewelry by Mary Margrill came across our desk and we were eager to share with you all her outstanding pieces.
M2 by Mary Margrill, pronounced M-squared, was established in 2002 and quickly rose to be one of the most sought-after designers, attracting clients such as Jennifer Aniston, Heather Graham, Demi Moore, Halle Berry, and Katie Holmes. Out of the sea of endless talented creators out there, what makes Mary Margrill stand-out above the rest? Elegance, jewelry crafted of the highest caliber, and Mary’s own supernatural energy combined, resulting in some of the most spectacular collections in the world today.

Mary says, “It is what we think, feel and communicate that define our destinies.”  Her philosophy and spirituality goes into the heart and soul of every bracelet, earring, pendant, ring and necklace. Arriving in sterling silver or gold and embellished with diamonds or precious stones, some are inscribed with bold, positive words and statements such as “I am Blessed”, “I am Fearless” and “Faith”. There is nothing more attractive, in our book, than decorating your very soul for all the world to see and enjoy.

Mary’s dedication has always been to secure unlimited harmony among all people. Wearing one of her designs connects you on a deeper level with yourself, other women, and will allow you to nourish and revamp your life unlike anything you have ever known before.  Prices for M2 start at $110 and  go up to $1250. To find out more about Mary Margrill’s heavenly collections, visit her website here.

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