Curves, Italian Vogue, and Kate Upton

You’ve gotta give credit where credit is due. For the high fashion world, being curvy, a famous swimsuit model, and having bleach blonde hair are three things that normally do not blend into a recipe for success. Kate Upton, however, has recently proven to be a beautifully rare exception to the couture standard and we at SQUA.RE praise Vogue Italia for fronting the vixen’s unorthodox elegance on their November 2012 cover.

Captured behind the lens of the iconic mastermind Steven Meisel, the editorial entitled “This Girl, This Moment, Miss Kate Upton” infuses big sexy hair, dark smoldering eyes and bold red lips. Helmut Newton’s sexually charged and suggestive style gushes from one page to the next as Kate dons latex, feathers, leather, metallics and lace with her signature carnal stare.

As much controversy as the supermodel has received since landing the 2012 Sports Illustrated cover, we have to celebrate the fact that more magazines are honoring women with healthy, curvy bodies on their covers and in their editorials. Remember this highly controversial and glorious cover Vogue Italia did in June 2011? Every time a statuesque woman is put front and center in the media, she receives an overwhelming amount of criticism for her weight.

We believe that all body types, shapes and sizes should be celebrated. Living your life luxuriously starts with loving yourself, and this is a global campaign that we are starting right here on SQUA.RE! Whether you are tall, short, super skinny or have a lot left to love, you have the right and privilege to celebrate yourself and live happily just the way you are. Hail to Vogue Italia, Meisel, Upton and all of the designers who continue to influence the rest of the world’s idea of beauty with what is really just common sense: every body type is worthy and perfectly made.


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