Living at Disney: The Magic of Golden Oak Residences

Disney. One word that sets pulses racing and imaginations soaring in children, women and men alike, all from the ages of two to 102. No matter who you are or where you live, the heart and soul that overflows from Disney is sure to bring thrilling and cherished memories for generations to come. From the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, we have witnessed the company expand internationally into nothing short of a phenomenon. Now, with Disney’s latest release of Golden Oak sprawling residences,  you can literally call the magic home.

When the Four Seasons discussed in 2010 the notion of bringing their lavish hotel to Disney World, the creatives at Disney combined to achieve the now Golden Oak homes at the Walt Disney Resort. Now, the seemingly once dream is a reality: you can live at Disney and take advantage of the generous ownership rewards the community offers.

All homeowners gain instant access to VIP passes, and admission to the parks with up to four guests with no block-out dates. More exclusive benefits include door-to-park transportation, merchandise discounts and free parking. The perks, however, merely begin at the beloved parks and increase as you settle into your cherished home.

Tuscan, Spanish Revival, Venetian, Italianate, Dutch Colonial, and Island Colonial themed residences boast concierge garbage pickup, a private lake, a private summerhouse club, and private concierge. The Summerhouse club immerses you in a complete luxury experience offering lounge areas, multiple pools,  a game room and revolutionary fitness facilities. To top off the indulgent, all-inclusive Disney lifestyle at Golden Oak, homebuyers will receive entry into the Four Season’s ultra posh full-service spa, restaurants, and golf course, scheduled to open in 2014.


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