Louis Vuitton Enchants with Their First Ever TV Campaign

Powerful photographer and director team Inez and Vinoodh bring a blockbuster potential hit to the small screen in Louis Vuitton‘s first ever television campaign. Featuring gorgeous supermodel Arizona Muse as the smart heroine, “L’invitation Au Voyage” sends viewers traveling through a world where luxury, fashion, action, and romance collide to capture the world of Louis Vuitton.

Of course the commercial would not be complete if an impressive young man were not chasing Arizona’s every step throughout this titillating journey. Within her travels between the Parisian Louvre’s vacant passageways she stumbles upon the infamous Mona Lisa where she retrieves a magical key. She then uncovers a letter holding ‘the secrets of the past’ that have been buried away in a Louis Vuitton trunk for over 150 years.

Our muse escapes with the letter safely in her LV handbag and then jumps into an awaiting red and white striped hot air ballon, where she quickly rides off into the twinkling sunset, all the while maintaing her chic composure.

We are elated to share in the release of the first tv campaign from Louis Vuitton, and desperately hope that it is just the beginning of many to come.

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