Men’s Winter Skin Guide: Four Fundamental Solutions for Healthy Skin

Even the most pampered man does not want to spend a ton of time and use instruction manuals when it comes to caring for his skin. Effectively infusing the highest quality ingredients scores major points and creates a bond of loyalty unlike any other. So just what are the best products on the market today and how do you develop an easy yet powerful routine to solve the most common winter skin issues?

The Solution for Dry, Irritated SkinThe Liz Earle 2 Piece Men’s Cleanse & Moisturise Collection. Switch to this creamier cleanser and moisturize twice a day. The colder air sucks the natural oils from your skin and leaves it chapped, red and dry over several months. Add shaving on top of the added climate irritation and you’ve got a recipe for painful, inflamed skin. Offering a rich, milky cleanser that can be used on a dry face, this collection comes with two muslin clothes to quickly help wipe away dirt and dead skin cells from the day and reveal a much smoother, healthier complexion. During the winter skin develops at a more rapid pace and this is why it can appear flaky some of the time. The accompanying lightweight After Shaving Moisturizer perfectly hydrates your freshly shaven face within a matter of seconds, making your total routine efficient and flexible.

The Solution for Multiple bright red razor bumps and burns all over your face and neck: Acqua Di Parma Collezione Barbiere Shaving Cream. First, as in everything in life, balance is key. Always use warm water that is not too hot or cold when wetting your face, which allows for your pores to open optimally and the hair to come out easiest. Indulge in the sensation of the steam lingering in the air and warm water absorbing onto your skin as you let the shaving cream rest on your face for about a minute. Finally, always shave with the natural pattern of your hair growth to prevent rawness and razor bumps.

The Solution for Sensitive Skin on the Body caused by constant dramatic temperature changes: John Masters Bare Unscented Body Wash. A match made in Heaven for your chaffed, rough skin, this cleanser comes without a fragrance  yet leaves you with an easy, clean smell that  won’t interfere with your favorite cologne. With nine certified organic ingredients including vanilla extract, white tea, sunflower oil and the anti-oxidizing milk thistle, this body wash fights bacteria and is gentle on the most susceptible skin.


The Solution for Cracked, chapped lips: Molton Brown Protecting Vitamin Lipsaver. Out of all of the places on your face that take a beating the most during the cold seasons, your lips reflect how much care you put into the rest of your body. Do not be tricked into thinking that licking your lips throughout the day provides moisture and protection because it holds opposite damaging effects. Every time you lick your lips, you remove vital oils from them, causing your mouth to dry out even more. Molton Brown’s nourishing balm is strictly formulated for men and is infused with honey, beeswax and vitamin E as well as other key components that saturate your lips all day and night.


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