Deep Clean

Deep Clean London-based director David Wilson, known for his music video work for Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala, and Christine and the Queens, celebrates self-pleasure and the joys of objectophilia with an exquisite dance routine set to the global smash hit song “Sexual” by Neiked and Dyo. “We live in a time where queer aesthetics and the rainbow pride flag are marketed and sold like candy,” says Wilson, whose project is an adaption of an illustrious stage performance from Blackpool-born theater-maker Harry Clayton-Wright, who makes amorous advances towards the well-oiled handle of a vintage vacuum cleaner “It feels like the fluffy, fun parts of our community are peppering TV, film and commercials, but it’s ultra-selective as they’re only choosing areas that are palatable to a heteronormative audience,” says Wilson, who combines the charming color palette of a Wes Anderson movie with Freddie Mercury’s iconic vacuum cleaner dance number to boldly reclaim queer culture. “Five locations turned us down and insurance companies wouldn’t touch us because of the explicit sexual content,” says Clayton-Wright, who stars in the project.

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