What People Don’t Know About Lorre White, ‘The Luxury Guru’

To most people, Lorre White is an international personality who regularly appears on television, radio and every conceivable form of digital media as “The Luxury Guru.” In this role, she shares her expertise about living a luxurious lifestyle to a mass audience. Her following is large and diverse, from royals and billionaires to those who […]

Men’s Winter Skin Guide: Four Fundamental Solutions for Healthy Skin

Even the most pampered man does not want to spend a ton of time and use instruction manuals when it comes to caring for his skin. Effectively infusing the highest quality ingredients scores major points and creates a bond of loyalty unlike any other. So just what are the best products on the market today […]

Spotlight: M2 by Mary Margrill

We at SQUA.RE love to spotlight interesting designers that electrify our senses and make us say, “I’ll take the whole line, please!”. Recently the chic and spiritually-infused M2 jewelry by Mary Margrill came across our desk and we were eager to share with you all her outstanding pieces. M2 by Mary Margrill, pronounced M-squared, was established […]

Passing the Pink Torch in Honor of Evelyn H. Lauder

“Every woman makes a difference to somebody”, Ms. Theresa Tan believes, as she was one of three women chosen to represent Singapore’s Woman of the Year recently, held by Singapore’s leading media group, MediaCorp. Ms. Tan surely is helping to making a difference, a breast cancer survivor herself, she joined forces with the esteemed Estée […]

Swedish Design Made in Italy: Bags and Accessories by Christina Christersdotter

Behind the newly launched bag and accessory label CHRISTINA CHRISTERSDOTTER stands Anna Ellingsen Barron and Christina de Mercado, whom with their two different backgrounds, share a strong and well established feel for stylistically pure design and quality. The concept was created when they came to the realization that there was a demand, but still a gap in the […]